Web Designing

We offer full web services. From initial conceptual brainstorming, through to designing and building your ideas and bringing them to life.

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Mobile Apps

We develop all kinds of mobile apps across all operating systems. So you can rest assured our team of developers will make your ideas a reality. Read More



We offer a full software design and build service, so you can rest assure, whatever industry you’re in, we have the right solution for you.
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Our expertise in databases, allows our client to get the most out of there systems, ensuring quick access, rapid response and reliability, to keep your business up and running.
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Web presence is no longer a matter of choice in today’s global economy, the question is how to use it to the maximum advantage for your organization. Zsuski Apps helps you explore the endless possibilities and guides you on how to make the most of them. Our experience in various fields gives us a great advantage; add to that a heap of creative, talent and enthusiasm.

OUR PASSION IS CREATIVITY and our goal is to use it to get the best web system solutions you could ever imagine.

At Zsuski Apps we know that good ideas generate big sales, and that is the final outcome we aim to generate for our clients.

Cutting Edge Designs

Based on our 18-Years experience we have designed some cutting edge websites. Our customers can choose from a vast number of designs.

SEO Friendly URLs

Our customers can set unique titles, meta tags, meta keywords and some other SEO tricks for each page separately. By setting these fields correctly they can increase there search engine rankings. This is one way your website will start appearing on Search Engines.

Mobile Friendly Website

We love to use the latest techniques and this is what we deliver to our customers. We offer Mobile, Tablet & other device friendly website packages.

Managing Web Hosting Experts

We are experts in Managing Web Hosting. We offer fully managed packages to our clients, which take out the day to day running of the site, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Easy to Use CMS

Based on our 18-Years experience we developed CMS in house. We make sure it is secure, easy to use for a layman and it can be customized in the future, so if clients want to add extra modules, they can.

Social Media Integration

No one can deny the importance of social media websites and the appearance on social media platforms. Our CMS provide the facility for our clients to be able to link up their social media campaigns with there website.